Yves Van Goethem

Front-End Engineer

Over the years I have figured out how and under which conditions I like to work, what drives me, and which criteria enhance my productivity and happiness.


Purpose is a personal driver like no other. If your core business is advertising or fintech, there is little to no chance I will be interested to join you.


An open and diversified environment is primordial to me. From my experience, autonomous people and cross functional-teams working through consensus and helping each other bring the best results. Micro-management is not acceptable.

Work-life balance

While I am ok with putting in a few extra hours on rare occasions, or getting paged at night when a critical system is failing. Regular over-time is not something I do, and must be addressed if recurring.

I also value flexible working hours and occassional remote work from my cosy, silent, home.


I work more effectively when the company shares as much of the long-term intentions as possible. It prevents misunderstandings, leads to better technical decisions, and encourages a trusting work environment.


I am mostly knowledgeable about Front-End Engineering and JavaScript, in particular Mobile Web, Web Performance, Internationalisation, HTML & CSS and Accessibility. I enjoy writing vanilla code, as-well as using frameworks such as Backbone.JS, React-Native, Express, etc.


Beyond building features and fixing bugs, I like to involve myself with technical architecture, recruitment, company culture, and mentoring. Therefore I am particularly looking for a role as senior software engineer, or as tech lead.